Kitchener, ON

Kitchener, ON

If we were to ask you to go look at the caulk around your windows, what would you see? Maybe you notice that it is peeling off or maybe it is dirty and has some mildew spots on it. Or, worse, there is none and you can see clear through the crack to the outside!

Window Caulking Kitchener ON Vemex Caulking

All of these are serious issues because they allow air from your home to be lost, allow for insects to enter your home, and you may even notice that mold begins to form on your windows. At Window Caulking Kitchener ON, we offer superior Kitchener window caulking services to ensure that your windows are always sealed.

Don’t risk a high energy bill or unwanted insects from making a home in your living room and call Vemex Caulking to discuss your Kitchener weatherproofing options.

Protect Your Home from the Outside Elements

Window Caulking Kitchener ON services help to protect your home from the outside elements. For example, if your windows are not properly caulked, then wind can easily enter your home. If you are trying to warm the inside of your home, this cold breeze can compromise the warm air in your home and cause the interior of your house to remain cool.

Also, if you do not have a tight Kitchener weatherproofing seal in place around the windows, then rain water can easily enter your home when it storms outside. Excess water that is allowed to enter your home and is not cleaned up can lead to water damage and also mold growth.

Call Vemex Caulking Now!

If you are in need of Kitchener weatherproofing services, call us today to schedule your appointment. In addition to our Kitchener window caulking services, we also offer caulking for your fireplace, bathroom, kitchen, and the doors throughout your home.