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    • Residential

      Window caulking your home windows and doors is extremely important for insulating your home. Not only does it improve the aesthetic design of your home it also prevents hot & cold air drafts making your home better insulated in the summer and winter.
      Additionally, it also prevents water condensation build-up which can lead to mold, as well as, it also stops insects from getting through the small cracks causing infestation.

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    • Commercial/Industrial

      Vemex Provides comprehensive caulking solutions and fire stop solutions for commercial and Industrial building around the Great Toronto Area

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    • LowRise & HighRise

      Vemex is Fully insured, qualified and licensed for all types of Lowrise and High-rise Caulking projects, we provide free window cleaning with Caulking

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    • Landscaping

      Vemex Caulking Specializes in caulking Bathrooms, Pools, Showers, Trim, Baseboards, Crown Mouldings, Fireplaces, Ovens, Backsplash, Patio’s, Gardens, Exterior Landscapes and much more!

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    Welcome To Vemex Caulking Services in Toronto

    Whether your project is big or small, we pledge to deliver consistent, great results every time. Fill out the Contact form to the right to get started!

    Over 15 years Experience in the Sealant

    With a warranty to make sure you’re satisfied!Vemex believes in treating our customers with respect and honesty. Not only that, but we believe in providing caulking services that are of the highest quality. It’s for these reasons that we offer a warranty on all of our work.

    We are proud to offer a 10 year warranty on all recaulking services and materials provided by Vemex Caulking.

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    Recaulking your home will eliminate water condensation in windows and will save you money