Bradford, ON

Bradford, ON

If you have noticed that air is coming in where caulk should be on your windows, it is time that you call your local window caulking Bradford ON experts at Vemex Caulking today. We have over 15 years of experience in the sealant industry and know how to properly apply caulk to keep air inside your home and condensation off of your windows.

In fact, with the proper Bradford weatherproofing for your home, you can enjoy a comfortable interior atmosphere throughout the year. Give Vemex Caulking a call today to discuss your needs and to receive a quote for service.

Benefits of Caulking Your Windows

Vemex caulking offers quality Bradford window caulking services to ensure your home has the best protection from condensation and escaped air. You may not be sure why this is important, but it is.

One of the first reasons why you need to have your windows caulked is because it helps lower the cost of your energy bill. As we mentioned above, air can leak from your home, which in return means that your HVAC system needs to work overtime to cool down your home in the summer and warm it up in the winter.

Next, caulking will provide you with superior Bradford weatherproofing all year long and will keep water out of your home. If the caulk around your windows is not secure, then you will find that water gets into the home when it rains and even when it is humid out, which can lead to water damage on walls and even mold growth.

Lastly, window caulking Bradford ON will prevent small insects from entering your home and calling it their own. Ants, roaches, and flies love to push their limits and try to enter through even the tiniest of holes; caulking can prevent this from happening.

If you are looking for the best Bradford weatherproofing services, call Vemex Caulking today. We specialize in window caulking, fireplace caulking, and bathroom caulking.