Vemex Caulking Weatherproofing is proud to offer a wide range of Toronto caulking services and Toronto weatherproofing services. We’ve worked on many commercial and residential projects throughout our 15+ years of experience in this industry. Below are some examples of the type of Toronto caulking services and Toronto weatherproofing services that we provide.

Types Of Projects We Work On

Caulking Services Toronto Weatherproofing

  • Residential:Whether you live in a single family residence home or a condominium, Vemex can handle any residential caulking project that you may have.
  • Commercial: If your building is in need of high quality window, door, or bathroom caulking services, Vemex can help! We also specialize in residential and commercial weatherproofing, so if your building is too hot or too cold due to poor caulking, we can help with that as well.
  • Low Rise & High Rise Properties: Vemex can handle any low rise caulking or high rise caulking project, no matter the size! We use high quality materials to ensure a lasting seal on everything we caulk or weatherproof. Durability and high quality materials are just two of the many things we promise to deliver on each and every single project.


Examples Of Past/Current Work

  • Window Caulking: A lot of air is lost through a poorly insulated and caulked window. In the summer, this means an impossibly warm environment; in the winter, this means a cold, drafty environment. Getting Toronto window caulking services can make your environment comfortable year round!
  • Door Caulking: As with windows, a lot of air is lost through a poorly insulated and caulked door. Make your whole building or house warmer with proper Toronto door caulking services!
  • Fireplace Caulking: Vemex has caulked many fireplaces in both homes and commercial buildings. The result of this caulking is a better looking, more efficient fireplace.
  • Bathroom Caulking: A poorly caulked sink or shower will lead to water leakage and the development of mold! Vemex offers Toronto bathroom caulking services to ensure that water is kept in the tub and sink.
  • Landscape/Mortar Repair: Tired of seeing cracks in your mortar and grout? Caulking is a great alternative to grout as it won’t crack over time and allows for movement as well. Let Vemex caulk your mortar and create a look that requires much less maintenance in the long run.
  • Kitchen Countertops: Need your kitchen backsplash or countertop caulked for a strong, durable seal? Vemex caulking can help! We stand behind our kitchen countertop caulking services, which is why we offer a warranty on every job.
  • And More! We can handle pretty much any residential or commercial caulking service that you require. Contact us today to get a free quote!


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